heart of hunger

film | DV | 29min | colour | 5.1 | 2018

"A film that exorcises the fear of death through the oblique portraits of two mavericks in all their strength and fragility. Laughing, singing, crying, sharing, testing the limits of bodies, in intimacy and friendship. Vitality sets cinema on fire through a baroque and exhilarating collage of crazy images. A poem of disruption and splendor."

Jury Pardi di Domani 2018
(Pardino d' Argento Award - 71st Locarno Film Festival)

A hungry heart, a celebration of the body, both exposed and concealed at the same time, like baroque paintings: guilty, ashamed or further alienated from our voyeur gaze. A secret dividing the actors and their scenic world from the public who has come to witness it; an episodic narration around the unspeakable; two friends travelling in the same boat and playing lustful and sadistic games. The characters in Heart of Hunger can act, feel and experiment, but they cannot testify as to the relationships that determine them. They lose each other, they find each other; the heart is a lonely hunter.


(2018) 71st Locarno Film Festival - Locarno, Switzerland

(2018) Fringe! Queer Film &Arts Fest - London, United Kingdom

(2018) Absent Without Leave - Rotterdam, The Netherlands
(2018) Supermarket Art Fair - Stockholm, Sweden

(2019) Queer Lisboa - Lisbon, Portugal

(2019) Lovers Film Festival - Torino, Italy
(2019) Go Short - International Short Film Festival - Nijmegen, The Netherlands
(2019) Vilnius International Film Festival - Vilnius, Lithuania
(2019) Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin - Paris, France
(2019) Cine Esquema Novo - Porto Alegre, Brazil

(2019) Mediamatic - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

(2019) Filmtheater De Uitkijk - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

(2020) Sensual Havoc - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

(2020) Jan Van Eyck Academie - Maastricht, The Netherlands
(2021) Carte blanche à Yann Gonzalez - Le Fresnoy - studio national des arts - Tourcoing, France

(2022) Athénée Français - Tokyo, Japan
(2022) Mudaeruk - Seoul, South Korea

(2023) Bogotá Cinematheque - Ciclo Rosa - Furia e Artificialidad 




Nia Konstantinova

production support

The Netherlands Film Fund
Nieuwe Vide
MAL Loppersum


Hinke-Ann Eleveld
Angelos Messios
Andy Smart


Sjors Hoogerdijk
Leandro Lefa


Raydrick Feliciana