wild fruits

film | 16mm | 35min | colour | in post production

 16th century: After a period overseas in the Antarctic France, Jean Aurand finds refuge as a servant in the house of French philosopher Michel de Montaigne, where a series of fantastical events change the lives of these two men forever. 


Near/by film (Manon Bovenkerk)
Venin Films (Flavien Giorda & Yann Gonzalez)


Andy Smart
Thiago Antunes
Hinke-Ann Eleveld

José Marçal
Igor Pedroso
Camila Rosa
Mavi Veloso
Diogo Pinto da Silva


Ville Piippo


Sergio González Cuervo

development support

The Netherlands Film Fund
The Mondriaan Fund
Vevam Fonds

production support

Amsterdam Fund for the Arts

The Netherlands Film Fund