wild fruits

film | 16mm, DV | 35min | colour | in post production

 16th century: After a period overseas in the Antarctic France, Jean Aurand finds refuge as a servant in the house of French philosopher Michel de Montaigne, where a series of fantastical events change the lives of these two men forever. 


Near/by film (Manon Bovenkerk)
Venin Films (Flavien Giorda & Yann Gonzalez)

development support

The Netherlands Film Fund
The Mondriaan Fund
Vevam Fonds

production support

Amsterdam Fund for the Arts

The Netherlands Film Fund


Andy Smart
Thiago Antunes
Hinke-Ann Eleveld

José Marçal
Igor Pedroso
Camila Rosa
Mavi Veloso
Diogo Pinto da Silva